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At Mehdi Azizi Design Office, we are trying to make more people enjoy their lives under the influence of design. Therefore, with individual development and creating a better form and atmosphere, we will offer better products, including modern architectural  and interior design, decorative objects and even educational products.

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About MADO

Welcome to Mehdi Azizi Design Office (MADO), where design converges with the world of business, leaving an indelible impact on people’s lives.
Our journey commenced over a decade ago in 2009, with a vision to disseminate knowledge across diverse domains such as architecture, language, and music. MADO was founded by Mehdi Azizi, an accomplished architect and educator. Alongside him are:
• Mehrnoush Azizi, a dynamic expert in sales and education, who holds a higher education degree in Education from Roehampton University, London. Mehrnoush’s expertise extends to language instruction, making her an adept language instructor and teaching assistant.
• Ghazaleh Azizi, a talented musician and music educator specializing in teaching children and training music teachers. Her skills also include proficiency in playing the piano.
• Atefeh Yazd-Khasti, an experienced tourism management professional with a higher education degree, excelling in organizing diverse tourism and architectural tours.
Our journey expanded as we evolved into a multidisciplinary team, engaging in educational classes, workshops, and executing challenging projects. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with numerous companies and institutions, striving to expand our footprint beyond the borders of Iran.
Driven by our commitment to enhancing lives through design, we’re embarking on a new chapter. We recognize that design can transform individuals and spaces. Through continuous self-improvement and by cultivating inviting environments, we’re dedicated to delivering outstanding products and services, including:
• Modern Architectural and Interior Design: Our expertise in architectural and interior design brings innovation and aesthetics to every project we undertake. We transform spaces, creating experiences that resonate.
• Decorative Objects: Our passion for design extends to crafting decorative objects that elevate spaces, infusing them with elegance and style.
• Educational Products: Building on our foundation of education, we’re dedicated to creating educational products that inspire and empower.
As we look to the future, we remain committed to making design a catalyst for a better life. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the boundaries of design and create spaces and products that leave a lasting impact.